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For more than 50 years MULTIBETON has been a pioneer for
modern floor heating in large scale production and customized solutions.

Multibeton Box Bauherren

For home builders

MULTIBETON is the inventor of the modern floor heating with plastic piping. More than 50 years of experience and development lead to sophisticated systems for all fields…

Multibeton Box Heizungsbauer

For heating contractors

MULTIBETON gives you more than just a pipe: MULTIBETON floor heating systems assure security in all areas and applications…

Multibeton Box Planer Architekten

For planners

For MULTIBETON the planner is the interface between builders, craftsman, administrative bodies and suppliers. We assist architects and engineers to accomplish their tasks by…


MB-PVP efficiently adds a synthetic part to your screed. By this the finished screed gains on improvement in compaction, bending tension strength, pressure resistance, adherence, surface smoothness, fast drying and temperature distribution of floor heating and cooling systems.

If the building project will be heated with the MB flat screed system, the usage of MB-PVP is part of the floor heating system.

MB-PVP can especially be used for the following purposes:
1.    As adhesive for cement-bound spackle
2.    For stabilisation of cement screed
3.    As cement flat lining
4.    For screed repairs
5.    With standard cement screed and plate mortar
6.    In combination with binder (pilot test)
7.    For flat screed MULTIBETON panel heating
8.    For cement based rapid screed



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